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Our Services: WinnoveX™

We Offer
  • Functional organization design – Consulting services in business organizational and human resource design;

  • Business consultancy – Business management advice; business consultation in the field of technology company startups; business management advice related to business innovation; business management advice related to product and process innovations

  • Innovation consultancy – Advising others in the areas of product development; innovative new product design services; innovative processes design, namely, industrial processes design services;

  • Information technology consultancy;

  • Technology research – In the field of renewable energy resources, advanced materials, artificial intelligence and robotics;

  • Technology nurturing – Consulting in the field of virtualization technologies for enterprises and businesses;

  • Technology incubation and development – In the field of genomics, biotechnology, modeling and simulation;

  • Technology management advice – In the field of on-site management of information technology (IT) systems

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