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Founder and CEO

Leandre Adifon

Leandre Adifon has spent his career bringing new products to life.  He has authored and co-authored more than 40 patents in the companies he has worked for.  Born in the Republic of Benin (West Africa), he grew up in Africa and Europe.  Now he lives in the United States of America as a US citizen. 


Leandre has worked for large multinational companies developing his natural gifts to become a creative, adaptive, and results-oriented executive with extensive engineering and operations experience in manufacturing and service industries. 


He is a recognized and sought leader for Business and Innovation Vision setting with a record of building, leading, and delivering world-class, global technology platforms, products, and teams combined with a well-documented history of leveraging the technological excellence of an organization as a driver of business outcomes.


Formerly Leandre was Vice President at Ingersoll Rand PLC. This diversified industrial company made commercial, residential, and transport HVACR with other industrial equipment in the Enterprise Systems Engineering and Advanced Technology leader role.  


Leandre came to Ingersoll Rand after 20 years at United Technologies. He was Vice President of Otis Worldwide Engineering and a member of the Otis Executive Committee, preceded by roles of increasing responsibility.


Before joining United Technologies, Leandre was a consultant in Robotics, machine tools, and thermal engineering in Europe.  


He holds advanced degrees in mechanical engineering from Polytechnic of Milan in Italy and management and finance technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in the US. He also has an MBA from RPI and a systems design and management certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  

Leandre speaks several languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, and some German.

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Leandre Adifon is the author of WinnoveX: Win Your Way to Innovation Excellence.


WinnoveX™: Win Your Way to Innovation Excellence

In this eye-opening book by PyBtech founder Leandre Adifon, learn how to transform your company, bringing it to the leading edge in your field and market.  Get your copy today!

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