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WinnoveX™: Win Your Way to Innovation Excellence

A winning innovation of any system, whether it is a product, a process, a service, even an organization, or a human system, is the result of the:


  • Understanding what the system does or will do that are its functions,

  • A good selection of technologies to perform the functions and

  • A good execution


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Our Purpose

Our Purpose


At Pyramid Base Technologies (PyBTech), we:

1. Research, nurture, develop, and deploy affordable technologies that lift the people at the base of the social and economic pyramid and preserve our planet's health for future generations.

2. Partner with companies to innovate and develop affordable High Tech that lifts people and the planet.

Our Values

Integrity. Be yourself always.

Humility. Accept the truth and be ready to learn.


Compassion. Be driven by the desire to alleviate suffering.

Teamwork. We win or lose together.

Our History

Pyramid Base Technologies (PyBTech) is a company born from the burning desire to seize the greatest opportunity of the 21st century. The world desperately needs life-improving technologies made affordable to all people and a healthy planet.


Even though the company was established in 2020, its roots run deeper in time.  For more than three decades, its founder, Leandre Adifon, has had the dream to unlock the economic potential of the populations at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid.  He relentlessly wanted to drive sustainable innovations for a healthy planet while making High Tech for All.


The company has chosen the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals as its canvas for selecting and developing sustainable technologies for Water, Health, Food, Education, Energy, and Habitat. 

Through our PyBTech Consulting services, WinnoveX™ and AdifTech™, we help other companies develop technologies that make high-tech affordable to all, including the populations at the base of the socioeconomic pyramid. 

Our Values
Our History



For any inquiries, questions, or commendations, please call: 1-800-987-1443 or complete and submit the form below.


PO Box 5630

Mooresville, NC  28117

Tel: 1-800-987-1443

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